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Get To Know Samantha Chin

Updated: May 10, 2021

Samantha Chin, the Founder and Creator of Getaway & Namaste, shares how her first yoga experience led her to become a teacher, why she started Getaway & Namaste, and how Ayurvedic principles and practices can improve our quality of life.

Had Me at...Yoga!

Samantha attended her first yoga class in 2010 when her school Ross Sheppard Senior High, offered a program called the Holistic Health Option.

Within the first minute, Samantha fell in love and from that moment on knew she wanted to teach yoga

“That feeling I had during Savasana sending someone love that needed it the most was the most powerful, healing and ultimately transformational experience I’ve ever had.” reminisced Samantha.

When Samatha was young, her stepmom was diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer and

as her life changed dramatically, she developed major depression.

One day, Samatha came home to find an ambulance sitting in front of her house, and upon speaking to the paramedics, she learnt that her stepmom tried to commit suicide, after which she was placed in a psych ward for quite a while.

“The practice of yoga allowed me to send her love and compassion without any judgement.

Samatha remembers her first savasana experience, crying from bottled up emotions”.

“I always tried to be so strong for the people around me. At that time, I was able to be vulnerable, something that I wasn't really able to do before.

I felt so whole and complete and was able to wrap her in a blanket of love without her even knowing.

I was able to practice this for the rest of my life for the people that were around me.”

“I felt this powerful energy that drew me to actually instructing. Yoga gave me a purpose in life to connect with myself and everyone around me.”

Our mind works so perfectly when we focus on just one thing at a time. The practice of Yoga allows us to grow within ourselves every single day.

A Sacred Journey

Samantha started her yoga teacher journey when she attended Sacred Seed Yoga and Ayurveda Yoga teacher training in Edmonton, Ab in January 2019.

"We learnt about the poses and how to create a yoga class. We were taught how to activate small muscles we didn't even know we had."

"Holding the poses a bit longer than we would normally in a yoga class to really feel the depth of the pose was profound and liberating." added Samantha.

Soon after teacher training, Samantha created a Facebook group called the Sacred Seedlings to keep in touch with all the amazing teachers she met and still do despite the pandemic to watch each other grow and prosper in the yoga community in Edmonton and the surrounding area.

Ayurveda Incoming

This yoga teacher training also incorporated Ayurveda very heavily into the course, as the instructors are both Ayurveda Practitioners and prior to the training always thought she had to go to India for Ayurveda training.

"I've gone through many changes myself learning this 5000-year-old ancient healing modality and I can't wait to share it with the community!" exclaimed Samantha.

Samantha is now enrolled at the California College of Ayurveda, and is about to take her internship for being an Ayurvedic Health Counsellor.

After a while friends and family started reaching out to Samatha complaining of pain throughout their bodies in the hopes that yoga would be able to help them.

It did! They were hooked.

Taking a Leap of Faith

After months of applying for all sorts of jobs, Samantha still had no luck.

Samatha felt like she was in the eye of the storm.

I ended up having to take a leap of faith and knew I had to start teaching yoga professionally.

I created an ad and started to get clients very quickly.

Not too long after that, I was shut down from seeing people in person and was forced to go online.